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Film-maker and Music Artist: Vaibhav Palhade is known for his amazing work in the industry.

Vaibhav Palhade has been the talk of the entertainment industry for quite some time now for all the right reasons. The boy has earned a place in the industry by the astonishing work that he does in all the projects he has been a part of. Vaibhav is a proficient — “film-maker”, “musical artist”, “producer”, and writer. Needless to say he is very skilled and multi-talented, which is reflected through his work.

When the world was at halt due to the global pandemic,Vaibhav with the coordination of everyone directed a short-film through video conferences called “Stay At Home”. This was quite a challenge but he did it well. Some more of his directorial work speaks for itself proving how good Vaibhav is at directing. Some of his well-known works are “Thodisi Little Little”, Naa Jaane Kyun”, “The Last Door”, “I’m Porous”, “Patra” and many more. His upcoming film is a Varhadi film named “72 Rupayacha Paus”. Some of the movies are either written or edited by Vaibhav. Four of the movies are in which he did all the three jobs of director, writer and actor.

His soundtracks are also quite famous among the people passionate for music as Vaibhav has that tone in his voice that makes one groove and touch the heart. His soundtracks are available on all the music platforms like YouTube Music, ITunes, Gaana, Jio Music etc. Some of his hit soundtracks are “City Girls Yeah ” , “Ishq Reloaded “, “Gotcha Yeah”, “The Master Show” and many more. Soon his three new soundtracks are going to be released which are “Sunwali”, ” Yes I’m Eligible ” and “Trance Shaved”.

Besides, Vaibhav owns a production house called “FootSteps Studios”. His upcoming Varhadi film is getting produced under his own production house.

Vaibhav Palhade has also worked as an assistant editor and Vfx designer for some blockbuster Bollywood movies starring actors like Ajay Devgn,Sanjay Dutt and many more. And he was part of one of the best series released  in 2020 on an OTT platform.

Vaibhav had come a long way from where he started. He has learned new things on the way and gained experience.

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