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Top 7 Places to Visit in Romania | Best Places in Romania

Top Places to Visit in Romania | Best Places in Romania

Everyone likes to travel. Some people like to hang out with their friends and some with family. Although most people go to cities like Canada, Europe, America, Australia, and Paris to roam, today we are going to tell you about the beautiful places of Romania. There are many beautiful places to see in Romania along with historical places and palaces. If you also want to go to some interesting place to roam during these holidays, then Romania is the best for you. Romania is ideal for honeymooners.

Top 7 Best Places in Romania You Must Visit

  1. Dracula Castle:
    The Brain Dracula Castle, built in the city of Brasso, Romania, is situated between the Busegi and the Piatra Craiului Mountains. Surrounded by mountains and greenery, you can see the entire city of Brasso from this castle. Famous all over the world, this palace was built by the Brasso people to protect them from the invasion of the Ottomans and Tatars in the olden times.
  2. Bucharest:
    Bucharest, the of Romania, is a tourist destination, where walking around feels like a paradise. Apart from this, you can also see places of interest like Sinaia, Danube Delta, Sighisoara, Sibiu and Brasov.
  3. Romania Resorts:
    Resorts in the mountainous areas in Romania will also fascinate your mind. Apart from this, seeing the Badar Waterfall of Romania, you will want to come here again and again. In summer, tourists can enjoy hiking here, while in winter, you will get to go downhill skiing here.
  4. Romania, Rock Sculpture:
    This rock sculpture, built on the river bank between Romania and Serbia, has been made by some artists. This face made on the hill looks absolutely real but in reality, it is made of stones.
  1. Bâlea Lac Hotel of Ice:
    This hotel is best for enjoying winter in summer. You can also enjoy Kendall Light Dinner in the icy hotel here. In the evening, the view inside this hotel seems as if you have come to some paradise.
  2. Painted Monasteries:
    Everyone is surprised to see this monastery in the east in the Romanian city of Bukovina. Let us tell you that this monastery is not painted from the inside but also from the outside. The painting on it depicts stories related to Romania.
  3. Peles Castle:
    Along with Dracula’s Castle, you can also visit Pell’s Castle here. In this castle, you can see the stonework, sculpted wood, and the magnificent design of the windows. Apart from this, there is also a museum in it. Apart from this, you will get a beautiful view of the mountains in this castle.

Trivia on Romania :

‌- The roads of Romania are considered to be the most beautiful roads in the whole world.

‌- Do you know that if you want to practice witchcraft in Romania, then the government there will have to pay a separate tax

  • ‌The highest mountain in Romania is Moldoveanu, which is about 2,544 meters high.
  • ‌, The waterfalls of Romania in Hindi are considered to be the most beautiful waterfalls in the whole world.

‌-. Every year tourists visit lakhs to see the historical fort in Romania.

Conclusion :

Above are some places in Romania which you must visit with your partner or alone. It is a beautiful country with a lot of fun activities and experiences.

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